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Let us introduce ourselves - I am Emily, a photographer, wife, mom, cooking enthusiast, and coffee addict, I mean..lover. And this is my sweet husband, Daniel. He is a photographer and videographer, dad, much better cook, race car junkie, IT guy and the sweetest man I know. Fun facts about us - we love staying in, watching movies, and greasy pizza for most date nights. We have a handsome little boy named Bennett and beautiful baby girl Jenna, who are our whole world. If we have to leave the house for date night we love travel, eat too much popcorn at the movies, or just hang outside with our friends while we watch the kiddos play.

As far as work goes, we've been photographing weddings here in the Lake Area for 8 years and wouldn't have it any other way. We've had the privilege of traveling the country to work with clients from the snowy mountains down to sunsets on the beach. And we've been honored to have our work featured in several major wedding news outlets, blogs, and magazines. Needless to say, our little niche in this world is a tremendous blessing and we're so grateful for all of the relationships we've built with our clients and peers along the way.

-E & D



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WELCOME! We're so glad you made it here! We believe every couple deserves wedding photos and video they can look back on and cherish for generations to come. Photos that will tell your children and your children's children exactly how this special day unfolded that started it all. If you're here to get an idea of what the photographic experience is like for weddings or even just to look at some pretty photos, we're glad you're here.!


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Trying to plan your day and align it all perfectly for great photos? I feel you, sister. Planning a wedding day is a daunting task and we don't expect you to know how and when and where we're supposed to get all these amazing photos. Download our free wedding experience booklet where we walk you through every step to get great photos, no matter what your timeline looks like. Plus we have the hook up with industry planning pros in our area if you want to throw caution to the wind but still have an amazing day!




Video is an awesome way to bring your wedding day coverage to the next level. We offer cinematic feature films that capture all of the important moments from your wedding day. Video gives you a real life look at how your wedding day unfolded and all the sweet words and memories you'll want to cherish forever.




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