Love is our story.


As deep as you can go into our souls, we believe God made us for each other and for Himself. We believe he wrote our love story and that He's writing many others. We tied the knot during our college years and we are happy to say that our pizza dates have only continued with us during this journey. Only now we get to share with our little guy whose smile and laugh we can't get enough of. We apologize in advance for the stories we may share (or overshare) during your time with us. Travel has always been a part of our story from New York City to the Oregon Coast and several stops in between, we love the feeling of new sights and new food with your best friend. Ultimately, we're a simple couple who love to just be together. That's us, really.

Timeless is our style.


We believe our jobs are to serve you in a way that has our signature look. We love love love a good sunny evening to shoot our sessions and videos and we can't get enough of the simplicity of images that are just two people in love, no fuss or flare. We want anything we shoot with you in front of our cameras to be true to your core. Our images reflect the smiles in between the pose and the laughter through bad jokes, the tears after sweet whispers.

When it's all said and done, we want you to be able to hold in your hand images that over time, become an heirloom to your family. The photos that your kids and your kid's kids frame at their own weddings. We like to think our work is timeless.

Forever is our Goal.


We don't take what we do lightly. In fact, I (Emily) probably spend too much time worrying and fussing over every detail.  We brand ourselves as the only vendors who will give you something from your wedding day that lasts forever. The dress is going to fade. The flowers will wilt and the tuxes get returned. We've had brides cry at the end of the day, never wanting it to come to a close.

 We get that.

So we strive to give you something that will stay with you for years to come.

They say it takes a printed photo 300+ years to even begin fading. That's plenty of generations in your family to pass down the legacy that was your wedding. And we don't mean the color swatches or table linens. We want to give you images of the love and foundation you share with your spouse that get handed down over and over again, until the ink does start to fade. We want to give you something that shows them where it all began.