I swore I would never use this blog as a place for me just to write...because well, it's my business website. But I feel that sometimes the best photographers are ones that you can be real with. Ones that you know. Not only that but my photography is not just a business...but my art. I have shot nothing lately. Partly because I said no more appointments for the rest of the year but also because I've been crazy busy with wedding stuff and moving and dealing with a lot of other things that have been dumped on Daniel and I's plate that was not expected to say the least...and my photographic life has gone down the drain. I think I may take a day just to shoot whatever I feel like. That's hard in Lake Charles...but I guess that will be all the challenge.

I won't lie though, going into 2011, well...I'd say it has it's pros and cons. I'm super nervous about pulling this wedding off while working full time and still going to school full time. Not just financially is it going to be hard but I'm not going to be that girl that turns into a monster. I can see why they do, but I won't be that girl. It's a wedding- not everything can be expected to be perfect. But what is perfect is the union between a man and a woman who are bonded by Christ. And that's certainly on the PROS list. I am definitely putting the honeymoon on the pros list as well not for all the silly reasons most people think of but to be honest, I think Daniel and I deserve it. A lot of people take personal days and spend a weekend away here and there or even just stay home to catch up on sleep. Not us. We're a 24/7 couple. And I think the most rewarding thing after a wedding will be relaxing and just driving away. I will seriously be turning off my cell phone and turning up my ipod and enjoying our first week being married.

It has it's cons but I'm not going to complain because struggle is usually a good thing in the long run. God will always get His Glory and for that I am relieved and thankful.

So here's to 2011. It's going to be a crazy year but it's going to be soooo worth it! And I'm looking forward to the growth and love!