I know I haven't posted anything in like a million billion years so I feel a longing to share something with you. I'm sorry if it's disappointing. I have been shooting so much for school and trying to let myself relax even though this is a super busy season in our lives. Daniel and I are in the process of buying a house as well and I'm about to go back to work on top of 21 hours of school! Whew! But I know in December it will all be worth it. I find that sometimes when I grab my camera and we run out the door and just go walk around and explore the environment around us that we pass in our cars everyday, I am relaxed and more in tune with myself. I'm a detail oriented person and I see so many things I want to touch and look at everyday and never take the time out of my day to do it. That sounds crazy. Let me try again. I'll put it to you this way- sometimes I just find...um...things in nature. Not necessarily nature but just objects left around or scenes that contain elements that are beautiful to me. They are like these sculptures that nature makes itself and then leaves there for our pleasure. And I can't help but desire to go photograph these things. So after begging Daniel a few times just to drive me around and find something I can point my camera at we did. And I felt so much better after... Wow, I do sound crazy. Either way, I don't care. I have a link to the gallery of images from that day here.

And this is just a fun one of Daniel I threw together because I loved this overwhelming, gorgeous sunlight that God so graciously provides for me to play with everyday. :)