Fight For Her Cover Design & Photos

So, funny story. My (now) friend Harper James emailed me a few months back on Facebook asking how I felt about doing some photo and design work for her new book coming out this March. She told me how she loved my pictures and thought they would be a good match for what she was looking for as the cover.

I'm not going to lie, I was a little skeptical at first. I took a day to think about it and talked to Daniel. He wasn't so sure either. While I have done design work in the past, my degree is in Fine Art and I have limited knowledge of graphic design but I have done some graphic design for booklets/brochures in the past. I really didn't see what it would hurt. I was nervous because you don't actually meet a lot of legit authors and this could have turned out to be super cheesy and who knows...maybe she wasn't that good...

Don't take me for judgemental. I do have to think about what my work represents and I don't want to slap my photos on a silly book. But I'm more than honored, having now read her work, to slap my photos on the cover of anything this woman writes. She's amazing.

We met in my living room, both a little nervous and scared to ask too much of the other. We brainstormed ideas over coffee and laughed a little at the idea of picking models to represent her characters and she left me with a million ideas running through my head. It's a little strange that she picked me because she's turned out to be one of my good friends. Sometimes I think we have a little too much in common to have just randomly decided to work together. Like. We email back and forth way too many times a day. At one point, I think I woke up every morning hoping she had sent something so we could brainstorm and take more pictures. And to top it off, Daniel is (like she put it) probably her husband's "long lost brother." To make the situation even better, we're now working on some awesome projects for her husband and their band, too.

When I say God puts people in your life for a reason, that's no lie. This year has started off with that feeling of connecting the dots. Tying up loose ends. If you read my last post about Kimberly, you know how much she touched my heart. And through spreading her message I've had so many people contact me saying that seeing her strength has helped them move on, find hope and count their blessings. When I met Harper, I knew it was the same thing. I might not have taken that first email seriously, but now I am so thankful for her friendship and for being able to say I'm the photographer and cover designer for someone I consider to be a respected author.

So. Here it is! "Fight For Her" comes out March 4th of this year! Guys, that's like next week! This is the first book of her "For Her" series so if you love this one, just wait because there's more! I get a little giddy when I find out books I love are part of a series because who ever wants the story to end?!

We all know Daniel and I are big supporters of our local artists, businesses and now authors! And you should, too! You can buy a physical copy of her book or purchase on Amazon Kindle or Nook. Fight For Her. Harper James. Go. Go now.