Missing Still Life

It's weird to talk about college as a thing of the past but....when I was in college most of the work I turned in was of still life. It's strange to me that a lot of my art work is still life and very controlled and intricately laid out because when I take portraits, if I think too hard about them before I go I just go blank and bomb the shoot. I love to play with the sunlight and if I have the ability to be candid and take my time with clients I will. But it's like I do better with an unexpected situation where in my artwork...it's all still and controlled. Just an observation about these photos. I miss still life, I miss art school and critiques and pushing myself to be creative. But at the same time I am thoroughly enjoying making work that I want to, not within the perimeters of an assignment. I hope that something might come of this new freedom and hopefully I will begin molding ideas for my next body of work or continue what I started at the end of undergrad. Who knows? :)