January Extras

With the recent arrival of the new year (gosh has it already been a month?!) I naturally got the itch to get more organized in my life and on my computer. Every time I come home from a wedding or shoot I download all of my images from my card into folders and back them up. And as I'm editing I toss all those extra photos that were test shots or else just me playing around. And as I went to do that again this past week, I realized that a lot of those shots are beautiful. And some are just silly. But they are worth keeping and archiving. Who knows? Maybe someday they'll mean something?

So I've saved them for no other reason than to have them to look back at and wonder what I was doing when I shot that. haha! In school we were always heavily warned to stay away from puppies, kitties, flowers and babies. Those don't make real art. Well, unless you break some rules. But who makes those rules? I felt terrible when I heard that news because I love all four of those things and therefore would love to photograph them. I didn't feel as bad when one of my professors showed me his phone and all of the flower pictures he had. He said something about how they weren't for anything except for the sake of taking a picture. And that's all these photos are. Just for the sake of taking photos. But they are a nice change from portraiture. And although portraits will always be my favorite thing to shoot, a few flowers and puppies and southern houses won't hurt in the mean time.

Happy Monday everyone.

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