2014 That's A Wrap - Part I

I've thought over and over about how, about what and when I would write this blog. I can't begin to describe the gratitude Daniel and I have for our clients, supporters, fans and friends of our business. All of your encouragement and support is literally the heartbeat of this operation and it wouldn't survive without you.

2014 was a year for the books! We can add a few pins to the map as far as our travels go! We managed to shoot from Portland, Oregan to Austin, Texas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and all kinds of places in between. We topped out at 39 weddings for the year and I can promise you we are sllloowwwwinnnggg down for the future. But again, we've been blessed to have our books so full and inboxes packed with inquiries and we know it's only because of the gracious and kind words our clients share with their families and friends.

We also found out this summer that we are welcoming our first child into the world! I don't think either one of us has felt excitement the way we have the past few months. We are having a precious baby boy and naming him Bennett Forrest Cutrer. Eek!!

We will take a moment to say, 2014 has been the most challenging, rewarding, difficult and wild ride of our life. We both strive to be honest and open with our clients and I will tell you we've also been through so much this year outside of our business. We've seen some really tough times and even more times for rejoicing and we cannot recap this year without stopping to say that we've learned that 1) God is always our fortress, our safety and our Rock. Our lives, our well being, our businesses...none of it would exist or run or stay healthy without knowing that we have security and safety in the Lord. And 2) that God is ever faithful. We've been on our knees many times wondering how we would get through the challenges we've faced. There have been lots of tears and hugs and dancing and we know that it is through trust and obedience alone... that we made it. We share our own story with our couples all the time- engaged at 19/20, married at 20/21 and can honestly tell you that for us, it is because of God that our four short years of marriage have only continued to get sweeter with time.

So! 2015! This past year found us expanding our little business from photography to videography as well and we are happy to announce that we are working out the kinks to add invitations and stationary to our packages for the coming year!! We've found that our goal is to expand our business to more realms of the wedding industry as we grow in our knowledge of what it takes to have a wedding. We have other surprises to share along the way but you'll have to stay tuned to find out!

Again, thank you. We are eternally grateful for all of love, support, "hey you guys are awesome" texts and everything else you to do to keep us going. It takes A LOT out of us to run this business but at the end of the day we are so grateful to be living out our dreams. A big thank you to all of the wonderful vendors we've worked with through the year and our WONDERFUL second shooters!! Here's to a new year!


Ps- below are some of our favorite shots from the year. We combed through a bazillion and one photos to put these up here so please don't be sad if you're do not appear here. We loved ALL of our weddings, but it was a tight squeeze for this post. Take a peek at Part II as well! Enjoy!!