Time Time Time

I've really been working on urging my brides this year to make time on their wedding day or the day after. I can't tell you how many times I get pinterest boards with all of these ideas for great portraits with their new groom. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE this. I'm so glad brides take the time to think about their portraits and have an idea of what they see their wedding day looking like. To me, the worst thing you can say about your photos or your wedding day is, "Whatever you think" or "I don't care." I do think there is a trust element, in that you have to trust your photographer as an artist. You have to trust that we will point you to the best light scenario and pose you correctly and in a way that really tells the story of your love for one another. We got that covered.

Usually I take all of this inspiration into account and try to work with brides on a schedule for their wedding day. I do urge you to hire a wedding planner to help organize and take the stress out of your big day. A lot of moms end up doing it and in the end they don't get to enjoy themselves on the big day. Nothing makes me more sad than a stressed out momma on her daughter's wedding day! Hiring someone will help eliminate than and allows me to work with you and your planner on making time to make these photos happen. I have lots of tips and tricks for how we can create some portrait magic ( you know my thoughts on the first look!), but the biggest factor in all of it is time.

Take Matt and Kimberly for example. Granted they did elope so there wasn't all the frill and hoopla of a regular wedding. However, Kimberly said from the get go that she wanted  those precious pictures of her and her new husband in their wedding attire. And she knew that took time so when I flew up there we shot for a few hours before the ceremony and again the next day.

I believe the ceremony is of course the most sacred part of your day. And you most definitely need photos of that. But just like with engagements, you need photos that showcase who you are and how you guys interact and are feeling on your wedding day. It's a story. And we want to tell it!