Portland Part 2 - Birthday Day

So Friday the 13th was my birthday. I really hate when people don't like to celebrate birthdays, but getting older I can see why they stop getting excited about them. I never want to become that person though. I've decided to stay positive, make a joke about it and then use it as an excuse to celebrate and get my way for an entire day every year! I don't know why anyone would want to surrender such wonderful powers..... Since it was my day I wanted to go to Voodoo Donuts. Upon doing tons of research (fancy word for googling) about this trip, I read lots about how I should taste these crazy things. Unfortunately I had a pretty nice cold in full swing by this time so my taste buds weren't 100% in tact which is extremely disappointing. However, because I couldn't taste how insane these donuts were I was able to finish off my chocolate glazed peanut butter oreo donut no problem. :P We also sampled the maple bacon and the classic voodoo donut! Once my tummy was satisfied and we were nice and caffeinated (I drank A LOT of coffee on this trip) we drove to the coast. Don't get me wrong I love visiting new cities and being in the heart of it all. But there is something about looking out from the end of our continent and knowing there is nothing out there for hundreds of miles. We hiked to the top of some cliffs/mountains/hills? and just watched the emerald green water crash onto the rocks. We didn't hear a single soul around us.  I can understand now why artists and authors write about nature in such a romantic way. Something about that crisp mountain air and the sound of the crashing waves can make one fall in love.

And then beaches! Lots and lots of beaches! Not Pensacola type beaches but these quiet, surreal beaches where the fog and the mist is rolling in from the ocean making you feel like you're on a cloud. The sand was so clean and there wasn't a rock or piece of trash to be found...

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."