Still Deciding

If you've read any of my personal posts lately, you'll know that I'm still in the process of shooting some things for me. We always had to have a "sketchbook" with us in college and sometimes this was for drawing but we were also expected to have photographic sketchbooks. Of course at the time I hated it and wondered why we needed to turn in 100 images a week on top of our regular bodies of work for critique. But as I've been staying up late and journaling and jotting down ideas and sketching, I'm realizing that it's just so important to JUST SHOOT. Or just sketch. Or just draw. As I'm keeping track of all these photos and sketches over time, I can easily start connecting dots and start seeing a vision for what I really want to create. If I had to come up with an analogy I guess it would be like treasure hunting. Dumb, I know. But it's like the old guy on the beach with his metal detector. He's probably out there every morning doing the same thing over and over again. But eventually he will start picking up on something and start digging. Start dusting something off and he finds whatever he was looking for (hopefully). Ok that was kind of far fetched and silly but I'm really just trying to keep track of all this so I can start piecing together what I want to come next. Or maybe if I want to continue and evolve something I've already started. I've also been contemplating whether to use this blog as something for my art besides my portraiture. My art is VERY different than what you see on here. But it's part of who I am so sometimes I don't want to separate the two. But at the same time, I know I am aiming at a certain "audience" and to build my business I'm not sure anyone is remotely interested in my art work if they're looking for a wedding photographer. ::sigh:: I will keep thinking.

For now, here's something pretty and from my photographic sketchbook. Have a good Saturday!