The Breland Wedding, Lake Charles, Louisiana

So, I was going through all these photos so anxious to look at them not just because I love photos but because these are some very dear people to me! And, I won't lie, sometimes when I'm uploading a pick a few of my favorites and edit those first and then make myself start from the beginning. I have to get it out of my system. And after waiting a month for my wedding photos and being so very anxious...I decided maybe I just should just edit the few I throw on the blog FIRST and post it to take off a little of the anxiety from anticipating the beloved photos in the end! So, here are the Brelands. I'm amazed at all the beauty that was put into this wedding not only of the people but in the church and the decor and all put together so quickly! I'm so honored they let me be the one to document this day and I can't wait for the many days ahead! Blessings to Libby and Joshua! Enjoy your honeymoon! :)