The Fontenot Wedding Preview

We are rolling right through June and working day and night to stay on top of these deadlines! It's amazing how one unplanned trip can throw everything off. I can't tell you how grateful we are for our clients and their patience.

That being said, how crazy is it that we are already almost through with June?! I felt like we just started 2014 and were talking about how we would pull off this crazy year and now we are half way done! We are booking Spring and Summer of 2015 so fast so shoot us an email if you have a date you are wanting to book! :)

Now here's a sneak peek from Lorri and Erik's wedding last night! We had some crazy storms roll through all morning and afternoon but that gave way to some gorgeous sunsets and cool weather for the rest of the evening. Congrats guys! Thanks for letting me be your photographer on your BIG day!