The Smith Family - Moss Bluff, Louisiana

Before you say anything, I know it's been since ::cough:: JANUARY. This poor blog has needed some love so badly and I feel terrible for neglecting it so...BUT. There is hope. I am on the verge of finishing school for the semester (although I go back four days after finals for summer school) but nonetheless, I'll be so much less busy to post and keep everyone up to date. That being said I've done so much and I mean SO MUCH these last months since I've posted. I've learned a few new tricks and met tons of new and beautiful people, and photographed them! I've made so much new art for school and just for fun and made so many plans for the future! I'd share them all on here but I don't want to take the attention from the real reason you're here- the pictures, of course!

This family is dear to my heart. I met Aleshia in school a few semesters ago and she came with a huge package- HER MASSIVE FAMILY! And that's not a bad thing either! When one of the kids takes you in...they all do. But hey, I can't complain. I have no family down here so I'll take what I can get. They are so fun loving, easy going and when it comes down to it family is all that matters at the end of the day. They all live all over the country so this photo shoot was very important to them and had to happen while they were all here. I'm so amazed that they let me be the one to capture their happy smiles AND be a part of their lives. Enjoy. :)