The Taylors

I was a little weary when we set out to take these photos. We had decided to shoot in the evening after they had both had time to get ready after work, and the skies looked pretty dark and scary. After shooting for a while though, it's like I began to realize that no matter the situation you're given, rainy or sunny, stormy or humid and no matter where you choose to shoot all that matters is the love the people in front of my lens have for one another. Sure, I love sessions where the light is perfect and we have an amazing location. But those aren't always the ones that matter the most. As a photographer, I don't just love making images- I love getting wrapped up in the moment and the memories that a family or a couple are making in front of me. And we are putting that on paper. I still get a little emotional thinking about that. These two are close friends of Daniel and I and although it always makes me nervous to photograph people I'm close to, I'd say we did pretty good. :P I'm so grateful for the blessing of their friendship and both of their sweet spirits and I hope I have a chance to photograph them as they grow together in many years to come.

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