Wedding Guest Books

I took a couple photos of a wedding guest book I got in today. I really wanted to show everyone what they look like and what to expect when you order one! They come with most of my wedding packages but they can be ordered for anything! I keep the wedding guest books pretty simple design wise so people have plenty of room to sign it and to keep guests from getting confused as to whether it is a guest book or just something to look at! I have had seniors order photo books, which is a great way to have everyone sign them before you graduate since most seniors don't get their yearbooks until AFTER graduation! They're awesome for families, too, because they showcase your entire session instead of just a couple framed prints throughout the house. I made my husband one last year (well it was kind of for both of us) for our anniversary and it just detailed all the fun things we did and things I love about him from our first year of marriage. I've already started designing our next one! Really, this post just serves to show you how unique and dynamic a photo book can be! Email me if you'd like to order one or ask about adding it to your future session!! :)