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Every wedding is not one size fits all. We start all of our brides out with a base package (whether that's photo or video) and build according to your needs. Base packages include 8 hours of wedding day coverage, then we add any sessions or add-ons you may need. Engagements, bridals, albums, full ceremony videos, etc. Click below for more detailed pricing information.




$375 + tax

$400 + tax

(Up to five people, one hour shooting time. Additional fees apply for large families.)
$300 + tax

$350/hr. + tax
(event rates may vary. $350 hour is based on our wedding rate of about 100 images shot per hour.)
Please inquire for more information

Travel Fee
$50/hr. + tax travel time to and from


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Do I get a print release with my images?
     YES. We are all about the "no strings attached" policy here. If we shoot it and edit it, you get the right to print and share online, respectively of course. We ask that you credit our business when you share and do not crop or alter images in any way.

What is included in 8 hours of video coverage?
      8 hours of video coverage does not mean we are going to give you 8 hours worth of video (we'll spare you)! However, it is important that we are present for the entire day to film all the important events as well as all of the details in between in order to make a fully developed feature film.


What is a feature film?
     When we first started shooting weddings we gave the whole shabang on the disc. Every detail of getting ready, ceremony, and reception coverage. It was a LONG video. All of our feedback from our brides was that they never took the time to sit down and watch such a lengthy production. So since we are always improving our product, we scratched that and now offer a cinematic version of your wedding day. All of the important parts of the day are included however we do spare you the six minutes of hugging in a circle for your first dance and just include the sweet moments in a shorter version. Feedback on this? Couples LOVED it! You do have an option to purchase full coverage of the ceremony or reception events for an additional cost if you'd like to see everything from start to finish.


How soon do I need to book?
     We book our weddings as far out as two years, however that is not the norm. Most brides book within 6-12 months of their wedding day. A shorter timeline is doable, so please check with us regardless of your time table but it is highly advised that you book as early as possible as we do book on a first come, first serve basis.

Are prints included in your packages?
     We do not include prints in our packages. We value our clients' time and realized that no one liked to have yet another meeting post wedding to go through the grueling process of picking out images. We do offer albums that are a great summary of the day and allow our brides to customize to their taste. This is a much painless process. And we do include printing rights in our packages so you're welcome to print to your hearts content, on your time.


Booking Policy

All sessions and weddings are booked upon receipt of a deposit and signed contract. Full balances must be paid on or before shooting day.